Monday, 20 March 2017

creative Stamping 40

Sorry I'm late with this. I was lacking inspiration for a theme to go with these stamps then I decided to use shaped cards as an idea to explore.
This issue deals with a few  male and female hobbies so in the end this is what I came up with

Some cards used dies to produce the shapes, others we cut ourselves.
My challenge with these magazine stamps is to try and use them all and no others but whilst doing a workshop someone said shame no sewing machine , so we got out the woodware sewing machine stamp and used this on the side stepper as shown below which I think works a lot better.

This week I am starting on the next issues stamps, hopefully to get a number of cards done before they come in!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Birthday cards

just to share with you some of the handmade birthday cards I received from friends and customers.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

More Flowers

Just a few samples with the Stampendous stamps and dies and some new Lea-bilities flower dies, mixed with other die cuts  and assorted backgrounds

I keep working on new ideas as I get the time - so more may follow

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Creative pastimes

I wondered about creative pass times for those who may not want to do cards all of the time. Thinking of the colouring books about, I thought we could easily create our own using our stamps and then look at different ways of colouring the images. The layout of the pages is different for each stamp and I've spaced them out so they could be cut out and used on cards as desired. Not all pages are shown here but another thought was sending cards for children to colour

Wondering what else comes into this category I thought of creative doodling. Doing structured patterns similar to the zentangle ideas but in stamped or stencilled images can be rewarding but you don't have to worry about the overall images. Most of these ideas come from previous samples I have done

Then I heard on the radio that origami would be the next big thing (yet to see evidence of this though) so I pulled out some of the ideas I had done here - bags and boxes are always more useful that some of the origami shapes but I do love these flowers

Saturday, 4 February 2017


I had intended to do frames and apertures together but then I had too many ideas for 1 workshop so I separated them. There are a few that are not true apertures in that I have filled the hole with acetate  - but from the idea that you see through an aperture to what is behind I think they should be here.
Again lots of idea and some not more to come- hence the odd example from Christmas to show what can be done. I shall keep working on the ideas........

Monday, 30 January 2017


Whilst doing my Christmas cards and others I noticed how often I was using frames and sets of frames so I thought I'd look into how many ways they could be used...... although this is far from complete but here are a few ways that I have used them

I have used them with images coloured with gilding flakes (black tree outlines), with frantage - (winter and spring ideas with the stampendous stamp) and also with UTEE panels - done also in a variety of ways. There are frames to hide edges as with my clean up sheets and acetate, frames around inverted pictures, decorative frames etc.
A project that I am sure will be never ending......

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Metallic gilding polishes

I have been hooked on metallic gilding polishes since they came out last year. As you will have seen before I use them multiple ways - solid colour, diluted colour, mixed colour, clean up sheets and over embossed images as we would with waxes. Stamping and colouring can also be done. I also go through lots of ways of using them with embossed sheets as you can see below

In our workshops we explore all the things that can be done

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

cs - Winter Garden

Well now the new year has come I thought it time I got back to showing you some of the new workshop cards for the coming session. So far I have only completed the creative stamping board, well Christmas has got in the way of card making and my 2 days in the shop this week were taken up by clearing away Christmas stock and preparing for the sale which starts next week
Anyway here they are...

Hope you can zoom in for a good look. I have used all sorts metallic gilding polishes, pixie powders, inkpads as well as some of the  new creative expressions dies. Workshop is in two weeks time. In the meantime I need to get on with preparing some others....... By the way this magazine was so popular it sold out in the first week!

Friday, 25 November 2016

wall art

Many of these have been around on my walls for a while - some we have done on workshops and shown previously but any one wanting to do some for Christmas has the choice - first to book decide what will be covered in each workshop

but any of the ideas can be used in upcoming workshops

Monday, 21 November 2016

mdf decorations and other items

These are some of the mdf decorations done in a variety of ways by our craft group

These are some of the candy box crafts mdf projects - the tool holder is handy and the castles are money boxes so great for christmas presents

and then of course there are always boxes to decorate