Tuesday, 29 December 2015

christmas specials & basics

I hope you all had avery happy christmas. I had all of my family stay with us so it was a busy couple of days and week before preparing. Well that's my excuse for not having posted for a while.
I'll start by showing you the specials done for my boys. My eldest son has a young boy and the youngest 2 dogs so you can work out which went to each of them

This card uses the Stampendous Pop up die and their dog stamps

Then after doing family specials I had to do some quick cards  for neighbours and customers

The die above was from creative expressions and the stamp below from woodware - stamped in white  as a resist then going over with colour cloud inks and smoothies

Apologies as usual for poor quality of pictures but it's me doing thinks in a rush as usual!
I'm sharing ideas not perfection!!!

I'll try to remember to share the handcrafted cards sent to me when I take them down

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

wall art

I had been asked to repeat this workshop after we did it in summer but left it until people (including me) had had a chance to do their Christmas cards. This workshop has proved popular with attendees being very pleased with the work they had done and so I am showing you these canvases from last week.

Well done to Jenny Dave Christine Sharon & Marj.